Of course I'm not happy, I haven't found anyone of my own breed since I came into this sector.
At present time I'm traveling alone throughout the Indian Asia sector on planet earth. Existing here is very exciting and intense but this carbon based body, that I'm using seems not to be able to regenerate itself quick enough, the longer it exists the slower it gets in regenerating itself.
This is one of the artificially generated planets, the program is so perfect that it becomes imperfect, there are a lot of anomalies. This is not a malfunctioning planet, this is it, it is the one that allows you to become one with it. People living in this sector centuries ago already knew about this, they had no idea that it was artificial, but what does artificial mean anyway, it all come from the same Universe, the same intelligence that lives everywhere. These people tuned into the program by blanking their own minds, so to tune in on the system "OM", I'll call it "OM", as they did then. Nobody has found the way to become one with the universe with the mind, this program is so complex and vast that it is not possible. For me has been very difficult to move in this direction, meditation, because still terribly fascinated from all these phenomena happening on a chemical level and mental, beautiful. Not to mention the attraction for the entity of the other polarity. What I know about artificial intelligence is that it was created by intelligent entities in order to outcome their tendency of creating morality, rules, right or wrong. So with something artificial, programmed to allow anything to be created, this planet has become one of the greatest. So sometimes you will find anomalies, like diseases, violence, things that in other planets do not even exist, but other planets don't even came close to the potential of earth.
The price for perfection is to allow imperfection to be.