mericans are living in a new age of health consciousness. There is hardly anyone that is not taking a variety of nutritional

supplements or trying a new diet or home exercise machine to make them look better, lose weight or achieve optimum health. This expanded health consciousness has lead to an unprecedented pursuit of natural or holistic approaches even within the established medical community. It is no wonder that American’s spend more than $30 billion a year on nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathics and the like. Today, tens of thousands of physicians, chiropractors and health practitioners are even including such supplements in their practices. It is becoming more common every day to have a patient le ave the doctor’s office with a nutritional formulation in hand as part of a particular health therapy. Unfortunately, despite the new openness within the medical community to explore the benefits of nutritionals and natural remedies, most practitioners overlook or underemphasize the single most important element of any health program…water. No matter what the specific health or fitness goal, one cannot achieve the maximum benefit from any health program without drinking the right kind of water in the proper amount. All experts agree, that next to the air we breathe, water is the most important thing we will ever put in our bodies. It is surprising that so much time and money is being spent on supplements, organic foods, and natural remedies (some of which are very subtle and delicate) but little attention is given to the quality and effect of the water with which those items are taken.

One of the reasons for this is that Americans pride themselves in having very high quality water from every tap and assume that all water is the same. A thorough study of water in America and the world in general tells a different story. A few well-placed hours on the Internet show that the world is in an unprecedented water quality crisis as well as water shortage. Depending on what part of the country one lives in, it is easy to find trace amounts of nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactive compounds, petrochemicals and parasites coming from the local municipal water supply. The toxins and free radicals in these waters are made significantly more toxic to humans by the addition of chlorine --a powerful disinfectant used in virtually all public water supplies in America. The US Counsel on Environmental Quality now reports that individuals who drink and bath in chlorinated waters (which includes better than 90% of the population) have a 93%


greater likelihood of getting cancer in their lifetime.1

1 “Cancer Incidence and Trihalomethane Concentrations in the Public Drinking Water System”, George L. Carlo. American Journal of Public health, Vol. 74, No. 5, 1984, pp. 479-484.

Most consumers are surprised to learn that one can absorb up to 600% more contaminants in your body in a ten-minute shower than you would drinking the same water all day long.4 In January 2000, Sixty Minutes, the investigative TV program, reported that as many as 100 million Americans were drinking water contaminated with MTBE, a gasoline additive that has been leaching into our water supplies since 1992. MTBE is believed to cause cancer in concentrations as low as 10 parts per billion and unfortunately local water companies are helpless to remove it. Because of such contaminants, two out of every five households now have a water filter or drink bottled water, as will be discussed later, with no assurance of safety. The problem is that the average consumer and even most medical professionals do not know what is the best way to treat water or the best source of water to drink.

As indicated above, failure to heed what type of water one drinks can introduce a variety of contaminants into the body that can have serious long-term health effects. Oxidizers like chlorine and its byproducts (often called trihalomethanes or THMs) as well as the hundreds of contaminants identified in our water by the EPA can also negate or diminish the benefit of whatever supplements or health protocol is being followed5. However, as it will be discussed below, there is a significant difference between water purification systems and the type of water they produce. Depending on the type of system one uses and the way one drinks water, it can positively or negatively affect one’s health.


Medical researchers report that there is virtually no function or reaction in the body that can take place without the presence of water. Approximately 75% of our body weight is water and water makes up over 80% of our brain and 90% of our blood. Since water is an integral part of everything the body does, there is now evidence to indicate that insufficient hydration of the body can, in itself, lead to or exacerbate specific health conditions and illnesses.6 Water therapy has been reported to reverse or minimize such

2 “Organic Chemical Contaminants in Drinking Water and Cancer”, American Journal of Epidemiology, Vo. 110, 1979, p.420. 3 “IS YOUR WATER SAFE?” Carpenter, Hedges, Crabbe, Reilly and Bounds. U.S. News & World Report, July 29, 1991, PP. 48-55. 4 “Showers Pose a Risk to Health”, Ian Anderson, New Scientist, September 18, 1986. 5 “THMS IN DRINKING WATER”, J.A. Cotruvo. Environ. SCI & Technology., Vol. 15, No. 3, 1981, PP. 268-274. 6 Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, F. Batmanghelidj, MD. Global Health Solutions, Inc. Falls Church, VA, Copyright 1992.

conditions as premature aging, arthritis, heartburn, back pain, asthma, hypertension and migraine headaches…to mention just a few. In addition water has also been shown to provide the following important benefits7:

With so much to be gained by its consumption but so much risk of contaminants, consumers face a dilemma to find the “perfect water”. For those practitioners who are concerned about the type of water their patients drink, many prescribe either distilled water or reverse osmosis water, thinking the purest is the best. Others recommend bottled natural spring water or specialty waters. As will be discussed, all of these have their drawbacks and none offer the patient the optimum source of water.


The purpose of this paper is to introduce the medical practitioner and educated consumer to the Wellness Filter a proven system that has been shown to not only purify but also to enhance water in such a way that it can maximize the benefits listed above. This paper will include a discussion of the results of specific hydration studies at Japanese medical schools and by the Japanese Ministry of Health using Wellness Filter® water. These discussions, which will suggest that Wellness Filter water may be the ideal water to accompany any therapy, will also offer insights as to what results might be expected in a US medical setting. No specific medical claims are being made about the Wellness Filter® since it is not a medical device nor has it been submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for evaluation. However, thousands of anecdotal reports suggest that the regular consumption of and bathing with Wellness Filter® water under a routine hydration schedule can be expected to enhance water’s already vital role in our health. Several animal and plant studies referenced in this paper, which are devoid of physiological and placebo effects, support the hypothesis

7 Real Simple, May 2001, www.realsimple.com, Time, Inc.

that Wellness Filter® water is offering unique qualities that are unavailable in other sources of water. This paper will also compare and contrast the Wellness Filter’s water with reverse osmosis water, distilled water and mineral spring water. An appendix of test studies and summary results is also offered. Unabridged copies of all tests referenced herein are on file at Wellness Enterprises, L.L.C, Oneonta, NY.

Product History:

The Wellness Filter was developed in 1980 by Harusuke Naito, a renowned Japanese sports physiologist, as part of an effort to produce ”perfect water” for the Japanese Olympic swimming team and professional athlete clients. Mr. Naito believed that even subtle differences in water purity, surface tension and mineral content could affect body hydration, cellular function, and athletic performance. After years of testing and experimentation, Mr. Naito introduced the Wellness Filter, under the trademark “Phylaxia”, to the Japanese market in 1984. After several years of sales, Naito’s company began to receive thousands of consumer reports regarding specific health benefits experienced by the owners of the product. Soon some doctors began to introduce the filter in their practices and test these reports against more controlled studies. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, several Japanese universities began to test the effect of the filter’s water on animals and plants in order to avoid the psychological or placebo effect associated with human subjects. In all cases, the researchers witnessed an improvement in health and growth when compared against normal municipal water or well water. In the early 1990’s, the Japanese Ministry of Health began to investigate what it thought might be unsubstantiated claims being made by Mr. Naito’s company. The Ministry conducted its own tests and evaluations and was surprised to find that the water actually showed a reproducible therapeutic effect when consumed in

a specific protocol. Mr. Naito’s company cooperated with the Ministry in its evaluations and also supported several independent studies with research physicians. One such study involved a group of 300 men and children who were suffering from severe skin disorders. The subjects were bathed in the Wellness Filter water and were given it to drink in replacement of their normal beverages. The results showed that better than 80% of the disorders (mostly severe eczema) completely cleared up without other drugs or lotions and within three to four months of initiating treatment. An example of the before and after effects of the water can be seen in the photos of one baby subject shown below and or an adult male’s legs below.

In the mid-1990’s Mr. Naito submitted one of the proprietary media used in his filter to the Ministry of Health for evaluation. This specific ingredient, Bakuhan-seki stone, is a natural mineral available only in Japan. After extensive testing, the Japanese Ministry of Health verified its unique, natural medicinal properties and certified it as being approved for medicinal use…the only such mineral ever certified as natural medicinals in the history of the Ministry. Appe ndix A contains a description of this mineral and its observed properties along with a discussion of the other media in the filter.

During the 1990s, Mr. Naito collaborated with the Ministry of Health to expand the testing and evaluation of the filtered water’s effect on specific health conditions. A number of informal studies were conducted in which hydration effects of the water on diabetics were observed. Provided that the patients followed a specific drinking protocol (described later in this report), it was observed that after approximately 120 to 150 days on the water that most type I diabetics experienced a drop in daily insulin requirements of about 40%. Blood circulation was also seen to improve and neuropathy decreased. This led the Ministry to launch a national program to educate physicians on these findings since diabetes afflicts approximately 10% of the Japanese population. Ultimately, the Ministry was able to convince a coalition of Japanese life insurance companies of the inherent benefits of having their clients drinking this enhanced water. The result was that the Wellness Filter® became the first water purification device in Japanese history to qualify for reimbursement by a life insurance company when prescribed by a physician.

In 1999, the filter was seen for the first time in the US when it was exhibited in the Smithsonian Institute as part of an exhibit on natural health. Also in 1999, Dr. Tadahiro Hotta, a famous Japanese cancer researcher and physician, began testing the effects of the Wellness Filter on 300 cancer patients as part of a comprehensive experimental treatment program. The program involves a vegetarian diet, intravenous injections of vitamin C and a specific drinking protocol of Wellness Filter water. As of the beginning of 2002, 75% of these patients had gone into remission. While there are several variables at work in this study, Dr. Hotta attributes importance to the enhanced water.

In 2000, the Wellness Filter was introduced to the US for the first time – primarily in test programs and evaluation studies. The results of these studies, which are on going, have confirmed the Japanese belief that the filter enhances water in a way not previously seen. Several independent plant and animal studies have also demonstrated unexpected benefits from the Wellness Filter water, which tends to support the Japanese belief that these effects are not placebo in nature. These studies are summarized later in this report.

During its 17 years, the Wellness Filter® has received recognition and aclaim while reaching over 500,000 satisfied users. The filter has been independently tested and certified by the Japan Water Works and found to satisfy all water treatment standards in Japan and to satisfy World Health Organization drinking water standards, which are comparable to NSF Standards 42 & 53. In addition, the filter has been the subject of a long-term evaluation by private physicians and universities during which many health and personal benefits were studied and verified. These unexpected benefits have set the Wellness Filter® apart from any other water treatment system and have generated substantial data along with thousands of anecdotal reports.

Currently, a national movement is underway in Japan to add the filter to all of the public baths and spas due to its superior sanitation abilities and its apparent therapeutic effects on the skin. The Japanese Ministry of Health has also installed Wellness Filters in over 100 hospitals.

In addition to the test results summarized herein, continual research, testing, and evaluation for additional applications are ongoing. A short list of Japanese test results in provided in Appendix C and a list of specific Japanese physicians and researchers using and/or endorsing the Wellness Filter is provided in Appendix D. 8

8 DISCLAIMER: While thousands of users have reported the reversal of certain chronic health conditions and current Japanese clinical trials indicate a correlation between consumption of Wellness Filter® water and the effective treatment of certain illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, Wellness Enterprises, LLC does not make any claim of specific health benefit nor does it guarantee any specific result. The Wellness Filter® has not been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for evaluation although internal research is continuing.


To fully appreciate exactly how the Wellness Filter can best be utilized, it is important to first understand the design of the system. Unlike conventional water filters, the Wellness Filter® has a permanent filter media which is regenerated by periodic backwashing. As a result, it does not require expensive replacement filter cartridges and the owner is spared the concern and expense of maintenance, chemicals and replacement parts. The Wellness Filter® employs mechanical and adsorptive filtration and water enhancement by utilizing six types of natural filtering media, arrayed in seven treatment layers. The countertop unit attaches easily to the kitchen faucet to provide fresh, clean, natural tasting water, while the larger units (known as point of entry systems) are attached at the primary water source to the home or building. The filter’s patented design allows the user to regenerate the filter’s media by periodically backwashing the filter. With the countertop unit this is accomplished by merely turning a valve and running water back through the media for a few minutes once per week. On the larger units, the backwashing is automatically performed by a built-in timer. The backwashing action flushes accumulated contaminants out of the media and down the drain. This regeneration feature will give the average user continuous use for up to 20 years at a cost of less than 5 cents per gallon.

How It Works:

To understand how the Wellness Filter® is able to produce such an unusal and highly sought after water, it is best to think of it has having two distinct zones. The first zone is a purification zone where contaminants are removed. This results in a pure, natural tasting water. This zone contains a deep bed of high-efficiency, proprietarily prepared coconut-based activated carbon. This carbon provides the removal of organic contaminants, chlorine and its derivative compounds, MTBE and tastes and odors. The carbon is preceded by a layer of ultra-high surface area volcanic sand for precise removal of suspended solids, parasites such as cryptosporidium and ghiardia, and bacteria.

The second zone of the Wellness Filter® is the enhancement zone. This zone consists of five additional layers of natural media – each designed to impart a specific effect to the water. The first three layers consist of a layer of far-infrared emitting ceramic media sandwiched in between two layers of magnetite media (a naturally magnetic ore). The far-infrared ceramic media is made from proprietary mixture of powdered Tenko-seki stone (an extremely rare Japanese mineral) and several other semi-precious stones. The far infrared ceramic beads provide a permanent source of free negative ions in the water that passes over them. These negative or reduced ions have been shown to provide a mild anti-oxidant effect when consumed or used for bathing and showering. This proprietary ceramic media has been shown to produce water that naturally aids the body in fighting specific health conditions including cancer.9

The two layers of magnetite are sandwiched in between two high gauss magnets that impart their magnetic field into the magnetite. As water passes through this high magnetic field, individual water molecules are effected in such a way that their physical properties are temporarily changed. While there are many theories to explain the phenomena, what can be observed is that water treated in this manner will be more readily absorbed by human, animal and plant life.10 NEC Corporation, one of Japan’s most prestigious scientific companies has conclusively shown that the solubilty of water at a given temperature goes up significantly after passing through this array of media.11 Higher soluble water will also tend to dissolve more substances in it or prevent existing dissolved solids from plating out (anti-scaling). The combined effect is a super hydrating water that will accelerate the transport of water through membranes in the body as well as out of the body. The Japanese believe this is one reason why long term consumption of the water seems to aid certain conditions like kidney stones and the plaque build-up in arteries. It also explains why the water is particularly effective in removing heavy metals from the body without stripping critical minerals at the same time.

The last two layers of the enhancement zone are two rare stones, Bakuhan and Taicho respectively. Bakuhan stone is of igneous origin and the the only mineral that has ever been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a natural medicinal. The Japanese Ministry of Health has tested and found that water treated with Bakuhan is quite therapeutic when used for bathing and soaking. The Ministry was able to verify that regular soaking in Bakuhan treated water aids the body in recovering from many skin rashes including eczema and supports the body’s repair of burns and minor frostbite. Bakuhan helps stabilize the pH of the water and promotes a natural alkaline state in the body. It also introduces into the water specific trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and soluble silica, which the Japanese believe support optimum cellular health.

Taicho has been certified as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal mineral. Water treated in Taicho also aids the healing of skin ailments and rashes. It also removes certain heavy metals. In 850 AD, a famous Japanese monk used Taicho to stop an epidemic of what was believed to E-coli in the public water supply. Wellness Enterprises has tested the properties of these minerals in several agricultural applications and found the water to stimulate plant growth while retarding fungal attack (see Potato studies later in this paper).

In summary, the Wellness Filter® purifies and also

9 “Far Infrared Ray Emitting Stone (SGES) to Treat Cancer and Degenerative Diseases” by Professor Serge Jurasunas, pg. 123-134. Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients – June 2000 10 American Petroleum Institute. 1985. “Evaluation of the Principles of Magnetic Water Treatment”, Publication 960. 11 A translated summary of the NEC study is available upon request.

enhances water. The enhancement process produces a water that has a faster rate of hydration, contains negative ions, has a higher solubility, and contains specific beneficial trace ions like silica. The treated water has also been shown to be naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. A cross section picture of the Wellness Filter® kitchen unit follows along with a summary table of each of the media.

Purification Specifications:

The Wellness Filter® has been thoroughly tested against US and Japanese treatment standards and has been shown to produce water that satisfies or exceeds all World Health Organization water treatment standards. In 2001, Wellness Enterprises submitted the Wellness Filter® countertop unit to an independent NSF certified laboratory for testing against NSF standard 43. The filter was shown to have a minimum life of 28,000 gallons – the equivalent of 28 years based on the EPA’s estimated usage of 1000 gallons of drinking water per year for a family of four. To the best of Wellness Enterprises’ knowledge, no other kitchen filter has shown this longevity while maintaining complete chlorine removal. The Wellness Home units, which are whole house or point of entry systems, have also been shown to remove chlorine and other contaminants for up to 20 years (see Appendix B – Purification Specifications for further details).

Physical Specifications:

whole house unit
Flow rate 2 gpm at 20 psig 18 gpm @ 45 psig
Water pressure 10-100 psig 10-100 psig
Water 40°F -176°F 40°F -176°F
temperature (4°C - 80°C) (4°C - 80°C)
Weight 11 lbs 100 lbs
Dimensions 7”W x 5”D x 14”H 10”Dia. x 32”H
Backwash Manual Automated
Electrical None 110 VAC

Cost Comparisons:

Although it has a higher initial investment, the Wellness Filter® eliminates the need for expensive replacement cartridges, parts or fixtures. Disposable filters can have a deceivingly low purchase cost but create a very high operating cost. The Wellness Filter® kitchen unit, for example, produces pure natural tasting water for less than 5 cents per gallon for up to 20 years or more.

Unit Cost Cartridge Cost Replace. Frequency 20 yr. Cost Cost per gal.
Wellness $980 $0 20 yr. $980 4.9¢
PurQuest $597 $0 5 yr. $1194 6.0¢
Doulton $398 $69 1 yr. $1700 8.5¢
Amway $423 $108 1 yr. $2042 10.2¢
Everpur $285 $70 0.8 yr. $2035 10.2¢
Brita $22 $7 .06 yr $3510 17.6¢
Pur $30 $20 .08 yr. $4008 20.0¢


Most physicians agree that the most important prescription for good health and nutrition is to properly hydrate the body with pure, clean water. Water is the essence of life on Earth and sufficient hydration is essential for the proper functioning of all life as we know it. Along with the thousands of doctors who use and recommend the Wellness Filter® in Japan, several hospitals have outfitted their entire facilities with commercial sized Wellness Filters® (Appendix D – Installations). The Wellness Filter

has been measured to change the physical characteristics of the water (e.g., surface tension, reduction-oxidation potential, and solubility). The result is a fresh, enhanced water that is engineered to emulate the famous Hunza water in Pakistan.

After over seventeen years of use and testing in Japan, there is a substantial accumulation of reports, data, studies, and experience regarding the benefits and observed effects of water treated by the Wellness Filter®. The benefits and observations referenced were obtained by drinking Wellness Filter® water and/or from external bathing/washing. The maximum benefits were obtained when patients followed a specific drinking protocol, which immediately follows this section.

Standard Drinking Protocol – After several years of hydration studies, which included the optimum amount of water to ingest and the schedule for ingestion, a specific protocol was developed to optimize the effects of the Wellness Filter® water. Water temperature (iced versus room temperature) was left to individual taste. This protocol is a simple four (4) step program. It is summarized as follows:

  1. Drink approximately 10 to 12 ounces of freshly prepared water immediately upon rising.
  2. Drink 10 to 12 ounces approximately thirty (30) minutes before each meal and use the water sparingly with the meal.
  3. Drink 2 to 3 ten-ounce glasses between meals.
  4. Drink one 10 ounce glass approximately 2 hours after the last meal of the day.

Bathing/Washing Protocol – When studying the effects of the water on specific dermatological conditions such as eczema and acne, maximum effect was observed when the subject washed the affected area with a mild cleansing soap and treated water two times per day and just prior to bedtime. Severely affected areas were treated with a compress of warm treated water for approximately 15 minutes twice per day or by soaking in a bath for 15 minutes.

Summary of Japanese Studies:

The Wellness Filter® and the beneficial effect it has on water have been studied by the Japanese Ministry of Health, several US and Japanese universities, and by independent physicians during the past several years. Most studies have focused on either the observed effect of a specific hydration schedule (i.e.,drinking) or on the dermatological effects of bathing/washing with treated water. Although controlled clinical studies have been less frequent, there have been numerous case studies performed in the area of: cancer research, diabetes, gastroenterology, dermatology, nutrition, and internal medicine. In addition, the filter has been evaluated in weight loss and fitness training programs. A number of beneficial results have been observed, some of which were directly measurable such as the reduction of certain immune disorders while others were more subjective such as an increase in personal energy, endurance and a heightened sense of well being. Results were the most reproducible when a specific ingestion or bathing protocol was followed.

Observed effects resulting from drinking and/or bathing in Wellness Filter® water can be summarized in the following categories:

  • Digestion & assimilation of nutrients – Users of the treated water were observed to digest their food more quickly and thoroughly than subjects using untreated water. Treated water has been shown to assist the body in achieving a natural alkaline state. Nutritional supplements have been shown to be transported into the blood stream faster than with untreated water. At the cellular level, osmotic pressure is reduced and the transport of biochemical reactants across cell membranes is increased.12 Wellness Enterprises is organizing a double blind study to test and compare the assimilation of a specific nutrient with Wellness Filter® water with that of conventional bottled water.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders – Subjects ingesting the treated water were observed to reduce complaints of gastric reflux, heartburn and indigestion by a significant degree. Subjects who suffered from peptic ulcers showed a 60% reduction in complaints of pain. All subjects reported less intestinal cramping and gas.13 14
  • Dermatological conditions – Subjects who suffered from acute acne were observed to experience a greater than 90% reduction in episodes and severity when following the daily washing protocol for four weeks or longer. Subjects suffering from eczema and other chronic skin conditions showed a greater than 90% reduction in severity after daily bathing and soaking in the treated water for three to four months. Two before and after photos of subjects in this study are shown earlier in this publication. This is believed to be the synergistic result of the antibacterial qualities of Taicho (which reduces acne forming bacteria) and the antioxidant properties induced by the far-infrared

12Research observations and discussions to be presented at the 13th International Meeting of Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Fukuoka, Japan, November 17-21, 2000, Sanetaka Shirahata

13 Unpublished studies, Tobioka Internal Medicine Takashi Tobioka, MD, Okayama, Japan, 1997. 14 Your Body’s Many Cries for Water , F. Batmanghelidj, MD, July 1995, Second Edition.

ceramic. 15 Because of the observed therapeutic effect of the water, the Japanese Ministry of Health has initiated a national education program to encourage public baths and spas to incorporate the Wellness Filters® in their spa water processing.

  • Cancer treatment & prevention – Wellness Filtertreated water is being used as part of a long-term 300patient private study in cancer treatment in Japan. The program involves treating patients with a strict vegetarian diet, weekly IV injections of vitamin C and a strict hydration schedule with Wellness Filter® water. The study has elected to incorporate the Wellness Filter® water because of its antioxidant effect, superior hydration and its ability to accelerate detoxification. In Japanese cancer prevention studies, it was observed that reduced ions in the water such as those produced by the Wellness Filter reduced the presence of free radicals and the subsequent reduction in damage to DNA.16 17 18 The physician conducting the study reports that approximately 75% of his patients are in remission after 2 years in the program.
  • Diabetes treatment and prevention – The Japanese report that Wellness Filter® water, if consumed under a regular drinking protocol (described previously in this publication), helps normalize blood sugar levels for diabetics – both type I and type II. This normalization effect (i.e., reducing the highs and lows of blood sugar) was observed after approximately 11 to 12 weeks of hydration. The Japanese physicians believe that Wellness Filter water also reduces oxidative stress to the pancreas and liver. Insulin dependent diabetics who followed the drinking protocol referenced above were seen to reduce their daily intake of insulin by 25% to 40% after approximately 12 weeks of daily usage. An initial evaluation of this effect was conducted by Wellness Enterprises on a limited (and statistically insignificant) number of Type I diabetics. Subjects were hydrated with Wellness Filter® water according to the protocol and monitored for daily insulin requirements over a four month period. All subjects experienced a consistent reduction in the amount of daily insulin required. The lowest reduction was approximately 25% and the greatest was 80%. Wellness Enterprises is planing a more formal clincial trial in Australia in 2003.
  • Migraine headaches – Patients were treated with a specific drinking protocol for migraines.

15 “Two hundred patient dermatological studies using naturally

ionized water”, Tadahiro Hotta, MD, Kyoto, Japan 1997. 16 “Electrolyzed-Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage”, Sanetaka Shirahata, et. al., Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, V234/1 pp 269-274 (1997), Academic Press. 17 Unpublished research observations and discussions, Sanetaka Shirahata, 1999-2000. 18 Water, The Chemistry of Life, Hidemitsu Hayashi, MD, Volume 6, Nos. 2-5, 1995.

Approximately eighty percent (80%) of the patients experienced a significant reduction or the complete elimination of the headache by the time they had reached the third step of the protocol. The Japanese physicians who have utilized this treatment regiment for migraines and other severe headaches believe that it works because of the water’s rapid hydration effect (which causes a dilation of blood vessels) and rapid detoxification effect, which can rapidly remove allergens that might trigger and sustain certain migraine attacks. Wellness Enterprises has seen sufficient anecdotal evidence that this protocol works. As a result, the company is organizing a formal double blind evaluation of this reported effect, which is scheduled for late 2002 and early 2003. The protocol is summarized as follows:

  1. Drink one 12-ounce glass of Wellness Filter water immediately upon the onset of a headache.
  2. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and drink a second glass of fresh Wellness water.
  3. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and drink a third glass of Wellness water.
  4. If the headache has not stopped or dramatically reduced by the third glass, drink one additional glass 20 minutes later.
  • Urinary tract infections – Physicians have reported that patients who are prone to recurring urinary tract infections can experience a significant reduction in the incidence of urinary tract infection when the standard drinking protocol previously referenced is followed using Wellness Filter® water. Wellness Enterprises is seeking assistance to conduct a more formal study of this effect in a US setting.
  • Kidney dialysis – In a small sample of ten kidney patients who were confined to regular dialysis treatment, five of the patients were able to eliminate dialysis and restore partial kidney function after twelve months of following a strict drinking protocol of four liters of Wellness Filter water per day. The other five patients continued to require dialysis.
  • Weight loss and fitness training – Subjects who drank the prescribed amount of treated water and who participated in several different diet programs were observed to lose more weight (16% to 24%) and keep the weight off longer. Fitness trainers using the water were observed to develop significantly more lean muscle mass (8% to 12%).19 Wellness Filter® water has also been tested and observed to accelerate the removal of waste products from the body like lactic acid. Lactic acid is a principal cause of muscle fatigue and cramping. Depending on the specific goals of a fitness program (building muscle size and strength or building muscle endurance), Wellness water’s ability to hydrate muscle tissue and remove lactic acid at a rapid rate can

19 Unpublished fitness training studies, Gainesville, FL, 2000

be used in one of two specific protocols.

For strength and maximium muscle size:

  1. Drink 16 ounces of freshly prepared Wellness Filter water approximately 30 to 45 minutes before exercising.
  2. Drink non-Wellness filtered water (preferably bottled spring water) throughout the exercise period and for a period of 2 hours after exercise.
  3. Drink 20 ounces of Wellness Filtered water 2 to 4 hours after the conclusion of the exercise.

For endurance and lean muscle:

  1. Drink 16 ounces of freshly prepared Wellness Filter water approximately 30 to 45 minutes before exercising.
  2. Drink Wellness Filtered water throughout the exercise program.
  3. Drink 20 to 24 ounces of Wellness water 2 hours after exercising.

The two protocols can be alternated to develop muscle strength /size and produce maximum endurance. Several professional athletes are currently training with a special version of the Wellness Filter® and report the virtual elimination of muscle cramping

  • Dental hygiene – Clinical studies at USC Dental School and in Sweden have shown that daily brushing and rinsing with magnetically treated water such as that provided by the Wellness Filter® produced a 46% reduction in plaque when compared to the same amount of brushing and rinsing with regular tap water regardless of the brand of tooth paste used. This study further showed a 42% reduction in the incidence of gingivitis one of the principal causes of gum disease.20 21
  • Chiropractic and massage – Wellness Filter® water has been shown to provide accelerated hydration of the body and can be demonstrated to remove lactic acid from the muscle tissue as it is produced during exercise, chiropractic adjustments or massage. Although no clinical studies have been performed in the US to establish the beneficial use of Wellness Filter water in chiropractic or massage, a number of practitioners have observed that the consumption of the enhanced water approximately 30 minutes prior to treatment will hydrate the tissue and joints thoroughly and will permit a more effective treatment. In addition, having the patient drink several glasses of the enhanced water during the first two to three hours after the treatment will reduce inflammation and soreness

Summary of US Studies:

20 “The Effect of oral irrigation with a magnetic water treatment device on plaque and calculus”, J. Clinical Periodontal, 1993: 20: 314-317.

21 Hibben, S.O. (1973) “Magnetic treatment of water”, National Technical Information Service, no. 1622-4. Krasse, B. (1977) “Adherence of bacteria to tooth surfaces”. Swedish Dental Journal I, 253-259.

Because of the recent arrival of the Wellness Filter® to the US, most human studies are just getting organized. However, there is one notable human studies, two animal study, and one major biology study to report. These are summarized below:

  • Hippocrates Health Institute – Hippocrates is a Florida based medical spa specializing in the treatment of cancer and heart disease by a specialty program of diet and nutrition. Recently rated by Spa Magazine as the number one such institute in the world, the Institute conducted a seven month study of the effect of Wellness Filter® water on their patients (approximately 600 patients). Patient blood samples were taken upon entering the Institute and upon leaving 21 days later. Blood samples were given a comprehensive blood chemistry analysis by an outside laboratory and were examined at the Institute by dark field microscopy. The Institute reported a statistically significant increase in hemoglobin and blood alkalinity in about 40% of the patients during the 21 day test period. This increase was above and beyond the increase that has been historically reported with their dietary program. Dark field microscopy showed an increase in blood cell elasticity and mobility…indicators of improved immune function. The Institute has since converted their entire facilities over to Wellness Filter® water.
  • University of Idaho studies – The University of Idaho conducted a nine month test of the treated water’s effect on plant fungus and plant growth. The study showed that watering plants and harvested potatoes with Wellness Filter® water reduced fungus by 99.33%. Plant growth studies, which are still on-going, show an increase in growth rate by 25% to 50% while reducing fertilizer loading by up to 50%. The study confirms Japanese studies showing increased rates of hydration, nutrient utilization and improved cellular function.
  • Poultry Studies – An independent study of the effect of Wellness Filter® water was conducted by the tenth largest producer of eggs in the US. The farm compared the overall effect of the filtered water versus normal well water during a 40 week period. In a study of 50,000 hens, the Wellness hens produced 199,052 more eggs than the control hens did. In addition, the Wellness hens began producing Grade A sized eggs 2.5 months earlier than the other hens and experienced a 27% reduction in mortality. The chicken study was particularly important since hens are not subject to influence or placebo effect like humans are.
  • Dairy studies – An independent dairy study was conducted over a 10-month period in Idaho using a 3000-head dairy farm. The dairy cows, which had been monitored carefully for production and health

for several years, were switched from normal well water to water treated by a special agricultural version of the Wellness Filter® . The daily milk production was monitored as was the somatic cell count in the milk (an indication of the general health of the cow – i.e., the higher the count the more infection the cow has). After the study was concluded, the herd’s average daily production was seen to increase from 72 lbs/cow/day to 78 lbs/cow/day – a dramatic 8.3% increase. The somatic cell count also dropped from 200,000 cells/cc to approximately 100,000 cells/cc – a very dramatic 50% reduction. See figure below. The reduction in somatic cell count qualified the farmer for special bonus money due to the increased quality of the milk. This system can be leased through the company’s special agricultural partner, Water’s Edge.

the introduction of a special agricultural version of Wellness Filter® water, the fungal spore count in the facility was around 600,000 counts/cubic foot. Two weeks after changing the source water to Wellness water, the count dropped to 4,000 counts/cubic foot. After one full year of monitoring and counting every damaged potato, the special Wellness system (marketed under the name of Agripurifier) was observed to reduce the fungal losses to less than 4% --a significant drop. Independent monitoring of the program by the University of Idaho College of Agriculture verified that that the reduction in crop losses could be attributed solely to the use of the Agripurifier system.

Other Notable Benefits:

In addition to removing dissolved and suspended

Count in Thousands

contaminants, because the filter alters the physical properties (introducing negative ions, trace minerals, increasing absorptivity, increasing solubility, etc) of the water through its enhancement stage, it is able to provide a number of other


tangible benefits. Some of these are:

Retardation of bacteria and fungus – treated water resists the growth of bacteria and fungus whether in standing containers such as toilets or ponds, on the



surfaces of fruits and vegetables or in the filter housing itself.

Enhanced cleaning – treated water can be observed to


more effectively remove unwanted residues (i.e., chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, etc.) and dirt from


surfaces such as fruits and vegetables, floors, dishes, laboratory glassware, cooking utensils, clothes and the like. Glass and stainless steel surfaces that are washed


in the water exhibit less spotting than untreated water does.

Enhanced flavor of food & beverages – food and beverages prepared with treated water have no


intruding taste (i.e., from chlorine or sulfide in the raw


Potato studies – Potatoes in the US are generally harvested in September and October and stored in large enclosed buildings or bunkers. The potatoes are kept in the dark with their original dirt still on the skin and they are ventillated with 100% humidity air. The potates continue to live throughout the winter and spring and are extracted and delivered to the market as market needs require. Because of the highly moiste and dark conditions, such potato facilities suffer high losses (12% to 25%) in pototoes due to mold and fungus. A two-year study was conducted during which Wellness Filtered water was used to replace the well water that was normally sprayed into the ventilation system of a large potato storage facility (containing 12.5 million Idaho potatoes). Prior to water) and appear to have a richer taste due to the higher solubility of taste producing compounds per unit volume of the treated water.

  • Deodorizing and freshening – treated water can be observed to remove odors from surfaces and from the air by simply spraying a mist of water on the surface or by leaving open containers of the treated water in refrigerators --much like the effect observed with baking soda.
  • Conditioning – although the filter does not remove dissolved calcium and magnesium (i.e., soften), treated water behaves as if it has been partially softened. This conditioning effect helps the water dissolves soap more readily and reduce unsitely deposits on surfaces including the body – without the need for chemicals, resins or salt.


Water is the most important substance we will ever consume and yet is one of the most consistently misunderstood within the medical community. The following is a discussion of four different types of water routinely recommended by physicians in the US and how they compare with water produced by the Wellness Filter.

Distilled Water and Reverse Osmosis Water:

The two most commonly recommended types of water by doctors are distilled water and reverse osmosis water. Both types are generally very pure although both can allow the carry over of trace contaminants if boiling points are similar or if molecular size is similar. Unfortunately, many advocates are unaware that ultra pure water is not the best for regular long-term consumption and that it can carry an unexpected long-term health risk. To understand the reason why the purest is not always the best, one has to look at the basic chemistry of water itself. Water has what some chemis ts call a “stability index”. This index indicates how stable water is in relation to the chemicals and minerals in its immediate environment. Water naturally seeks to achieve a zero or neutral index. If water has a positive index at a given temperature, it will tend to release or precipitate minerals that are dissolved in it. One can witness the results of water having a strongly positive stability index (for example hard water) when such water deposits scale in pipes or hot water heaters. Water that is on the negative side of the index is aggressive and prone to dissolving minerals and metals from its immediate environment. One can see evidence of such water when it corrodes pipes or produces rust. The more negative the index, the more aggressive the water is. Water produced from distillation and reverse osmosis has an extremely negative stability index. This water also actively absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and makes the water more acidic. When one drinks small quantities of this water for short periods of time, it has the special property of being able to absorb toxic substances in the body and remove them. This detoxification can be good for the body and can aid it in recovering from long-term exposure to certain contaminants. However, regular and long-term consumption of ultra-pure, demineralized water will also strip the body of magnesium, calcium and trace minerals.

The more the mineral loss, the greater the risk of osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases generally associated with premature aging. The longer a person drinks demineralized water, the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state in the body. A number of physicians, nutritionists and researchers now believe that aging and disease are the direct result of these deficiencies and lead to the development of an acid state in the body. Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, a Canadian physician and clinical nutritionist, reports that exclusive consumption of demineralized water will, over time, lead to multiple mineral deficiencies. His research with over 3000 patients indicates that those who supplemented their purified water intake with trace minerals were not as deficient but still not as adequately nourished in minerals as their non-purified water drinking counterparts even after several years of mineral supplementation. 22

The Wellness Filter has been shown to produce a very pure but minerally enhanced water that will not leach trace minerals from the body like distilled water and R/O water does. Animal studies have shown Wellness Filter® water to build stronger bones and more dense muscle mass than distilled water, R/O water or regular tap water.

Ionized or Alkaline Water – So-called ionizers or alkalizers have been popular with some US physicians for the past eight years. These machines don’t purify the water as much as they physically modify it by producing high levels of negative ions via electrolysis. Developed in Japan in the late 1960’s, the ionizer produces two different streams of water (i.e., one positively charged with a low pH and one negatively charged with a high pH). The negatively charged water is recommended for drinking and the acidic water is either thrown away or used to wash dishes or for irrigating plants. The focus of the alkalizer is to produce a constant source of negative ions in the water that can act as an antioxidant. Although originally approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health in the 1960’s, long-term health studies recently prompted the Ministry to publish a health warning to Japanese citizens about the potential adverse effects of routine consumption of highly alkaline water (pH greater than 9). This warning as well as a rebuke of the product’s health claims was also reported in Science Scramble, a Japanese consumer-oriented science journal in 2000 (a translated copy is available upon request).

The Wellness Filter has been shown to produce a consistent level (4,000 to 7,000 ions/cc/second) but highly stable stream of negative ions (see Figure 1) by natural ionization of the water without raising the alkalinity above a

pH of 8.5. These negative ions loosely attach themselves to

22 Return to the Joy of Health: Natural Medicine and Alternative Treatment for All Your Health Complaints, Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc., October 1995.

the soluble silica ions produced by the Bakuhan stone and are able to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and progress into the bloodstream. These ions are produced by the interaction of the filter’s proprietary media and do not require electricity to produce the ions (thus allowing for the design of shower units, whole house units and portable units). The Wellness Filter® also does not have the limitation of having to discard 50% of the treated water the way that ionizers do. In addition, recent reports by the Ministry of Health indicate that as many as 50% of the patients that consume alkalized water may be experiencing a decline in their health condition rather than an improvement. The Japanese Ministry of Health has been publicly reported in Japanese newspapers to be reconsidering its approval of this product for consumer use.

Carbon Filtered Water – There are many excellent carbon, carbon block and carbon/ceramic filters available to consumers. These filters are capable of efficiently removing chlorine, chlorination byproducts (e.g., THMs), organics and pesticides. They can be combined with other additives to also preferentially remove arsenic and lead. Current carbon filters have, however, several notable drawbacks. All activated carbon filters are not made of the same carbon and some carbons like coconut shell carbon are more highly adsorbent of certain hydrocarbons than coal-based carbons, which are primarily designed to remove chlorine. In addition, certain specialty carbons like catalytic carbon can remove non-organic compounds like chloramines much more effectively than coconut shell carbon. Traditional carbon filters also have to be changed on a regular basis because they eventually saturate with the contaminants they contact and fail to meet removal standards after that. They also have problems accumu lating bacteria over time and then releasing these bacteria, which can be harmful, directly into the user’s drinking water. As a result, carbon filters are rated for specific pollutants and for a specific period of is ionized. This water competes with the carbon for most of what it has adsorbed, removes it and flushes it out with the wastewater. The carbon is cleaned, regenerated and readied for more service. This is diagramed in Figure 2.

Figure 2. - Cutaway view of Marc III Wellness Filter® showing backwash operation

The Wellness Filteralso has an antibacterial layer of media that is the last to contact water during the normal mode and the first to contact the water during the backwash mode. This media (Taicho stone) aids the water in keeping the filter and the finished water free of bacteria. A standing water test was performed on the filtered water produced by four filters and normal tap water. Water was allowed to sit in an open container for nine days and was tested each day for the presence of bacteria. Only the Wellness Filer’s water was shown to be free of bacteria throughout the test (see Figure 3. below).


time…usually 6 months to a year.

The Wellness Filter kitchen unit and point-of-

entry systems are quite different from conventional filters in

that they utilize a permanent carbon section (one of its seven

sections of media) that does not require periodic changing

like traditional cartridge filters. Instead the filter utilizes a

patented backwashing system that is uniquely capable of

purging the filter of most of its accumulated contaminants

and regenerating the carbon for continued use. Unlike traditional backwashed point of entry carbon filters (which

Bacterial Growth (count/ml)








are backwashed only to flush out dirt and to agitate the carbon for more efficient contact), the Wellness Filter truly does regenerate in its backwash mode. To understand this, one must look at the arrangement of the media in the filter and the sequence in which it contacts the water during the backwash cycle. During the backwash cycle, water enters into the filter from bottom up. It first contacts the five layers of enhancement media before contacting the carbon for the first time. As it passes through these five layers the water is magnetically structured, which increases its solubility, and it


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Time (days)

Figure 3 -Standing water bacterial test

Mineral Spring Water – More and more Americans drink bottled water in an effort to seek safe drinking water. Few are aware that bottled water is only required to meet minimum tap water standards in the US. Minimum tap water standards require only that there are no visible suspended solids and no living bacteria. They unfortunately don’t regulate organics, heavy metals or radionucleides. Despite these fairly loose standards, a recent analysis of 400+ brands of bottled water sold in the US showed that approximately one third failed to meet even minimum tap water standards. In addition, recent studies indicate that the plasticizer in bottled water can leach into the water and then be absorbed by the body. Some researchers are suspicious that these plasticizers (also referred to as Phthalates or xenoestrogens) can cause serious long-term health conditions and/or compromise the body’s immune system.


Few public health programs have attracted as much controversy as the use of fluoride-based compounds in drinking water. A few years after a 1939 report by Dr. T. Trendley Dean, a dentist working for the US Public Health Service, in which he stated that fluoridated water could lessen the incident of cavities, America began the practice of adding fluoridated compounds to our public drinking water. However, despite decades of endorsement by the American Dental Association and the US Public Health Service, fluoridation has generally failed to deliver the cavity-free society it promised. Instead, fluoridation has polarized certain segments of the scientific community and fostered some very vocal anti-fluoridation activists. Among them are a number of physicians and nutritionists who, although in the minority, believe that fluoridation poses a long-term toxic threat to everyone. What makes the issue confusing to the public is that health agencies like the Public Health Service tout the success of fluoridation on the one hand23 and the Environmental Protection Agency lists the common forms used in our water supplies as toxic substances on the other hand24. In addition, while the effect of too much fluoride on the teeth is well documented among dentists, there are little data on the long-term health effects of fluoridation on the rest of the body25.

In addition, misconceptions about fluoridation are common. For example, most people, including many dentists and health professionals, believe that sodium fluoride is the standard form for fluoride to be added to their water. This is a misconception that continues despite the fact that over 95% of all US cities use hydrofluorosilicic acid, a direct byproduct of the pollution scrubbers in the phosphate fertilizer industry. While this may not seem to matter to the

23 CDC: ``Achievements in Public Health, 1900-1999 - Fluoridation of Drinking Water to Prevent Dental Caries" MMWR 48(41); 933-940 (1999). 24 ATSDR/USPHS - ``Toxicological Profile for Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride and Fluorine (F)" CAS# 16984-48-8, 7664- 39-3, 7782-41-4 (1993). 25 Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride, Subcommittee on Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride, Committee on Toxicology, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Commission on Life Sciences, National Research Council, August 1993, p.59.

non-technical reader, some researchers now believe that the toxic results attributed to fluoride by some physicians, may be the result of the contaminants in this compound rather than the fluoride ion itself. It is well documented that this form of fluoride contains trace environmental toxins like uranium oxide, thorium and radium (all radioactive compounds) as well as certain heavy metals like lead and arsenic26. However, because of the dilute form of hydrofluorosilicic acid that is used (approximately 0.8 ppm to 1.0 ppm), the EPA considers the trace heavy metals that accompany the fluoride to be below toxic limit s. Although no long-term health studies have been conducted with this compound, anyone who understands its origin and its inherent impurities has to be concerned.

At present there are only two absolute and safe ways to remove fluoride from water, i.e., distillation and reverse osmosis (R/O). Although both processes are effective in removing the fluoride (along with contaminants) both methods suffer the demineralizing effects on the body discussed in the previous section. The Wellness Filter®’s unique purification system will remove the trace radioactive and heavy metal contaminants contained in the hydrofluorosilicic acid. It also reacts with the hydrofluorosilicic acid to produce calcium fluoride – a naturally occurring form of fluoride found in mineral springs. Unlike the other forms of fluoride, calcium fluoride is non-toxic, is not retained in the body and is completely excreted in the urine27. For those concerned about stopping the absorption of fluoride through the skin in the shower/bath (a generally impractical use of distillation and R/O), the Wellness Filter® is also available in both a shower system and a whole house unit.


The Wellness Filter® is available in five basic types of systems: a residential/office countertop unit, two whole-house residential systems, a shower system, a portable unit and custom-built commercial-sized systems. Each patented system contains the proprietary Wellness Filter® media and varies only by the size, capacity, and application. The shower and portable units employ cartridge filters that do require periodic changing.


http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/fluor spar/280396.txt

27 Kick CH, Bethke RM, Edgington BH, Wilder OHM, Record PR, Wilder W, Hill TJ, Chase SW - ``Fluorine in Animal Nutrition" Bulletin 558, US Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster, Ohio (1935)


A. Media

B. Purification Specifications

C. Water Enhancement Benefits and Applications

D. Installations



Bakuhanseki is a proprietary media used in all Wellness Filters. On October 15, 1995, the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Health, Drug Approval Division, gave their approval as an approved medicine. (Note: This was the first and only natural mineral stone ever granted the designation of an approved medicine by the Ministry of Health. A copy of the certification is available upon request). Bakuhanseki mineral stone is approved for medical purposes in powdered form (oral or skin application), dissolved in water, and for use in water filters for bathing and

drinking.This is extremely important to the Wellness Filter since the Ministry of Health uses Wellness Filter® water in their hospitals and in many of their approved health bathing spas. (Note: Because the Bakuhanseki mineral stone is designated as a medicine, treatments in their health spas are covered by Japanese Government medical reimbursement. Approval No. 1155.)

  1. Bakuhanseki Mineral Stone Evaluation. Prior to any tests on humans, the government conducted an exhaustive evaluation on the chemical/physical makeup of the mineral stone. All were approved at certified levels. Although there are several types of Bakuhanseki found in the world today, their content and therapeutic benefits vary widely. Consequently, only Bakuhanseki stone from certain certified mines/quarries were approved by the Japanese Government. Note: all Wellness Filter Bakuhanseki mineral stone media comes from one of these certified mines/quarries. Wellness Filter is the only water filter in the world with access to this approved form of Bakuhanseki mineral stone.
  2. Human Tests. Three hundred (300) people were treated over a number of years at Kitazato Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo to determine the health benefits of treatment with water either filtered through Bakuhanseki mineral stone or with Bakuhanseki powder added (no difference in results from either water treatment method).

Repeated spa treatments of test subjects resulted in the following reported benefits:

  • Fatigue, lethargy —more energetic.
  • Wide range of skin rashes—most were completely cleared up after treatment.
  • Sore muscles—reduction or elimination of aches and pains.
  • Sensitive nerves—reduced sensitivity.
  • Backache—reduced pain and improved flexibility.
  • Arthritis—reduced pain and improved flexibility.
  • Dry and red skin—softer skin and return of natural color.
  • Frost bite (minor)—return of skin viability.


Taichoseki is a proprietary media used in all Wellness Filters. On December 15, 1990, the Kitazato Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo, having found that it greatly inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria, approved T aichoseki mineral stone as a “natural disinfectant”. The Medical School’s studies found that water treated by Taichoseki mineral stone creates an atmosphere that slows down and even stops the growth of fungus and bacteria.

1. Fungus and Bacteria Tests -- A variety of fungi and bacteria were introduced to water containing Taichoseki mineral stone. Test Nos. B8-523 and B8-521, November 1, 1990, conducted by Kitazato Medical School of Public Health, Tokyo. The following were introduced to controlled samples of Taichoseki mineral stone water and displayed no growth or minimal growth well within acceptable standards:

Staphylococcus aureus FDA 209P Sarcina lutea ATCC 9341 Microsporum gypeum Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 Escherichia coli B ATCC 11303 Aspergillus niger Pseudomonas aeruginosa Penicillium chrysogenum Trichophyton mentagrophytes Penicillium citrinum Chaetomium globosum Myrothecium verrucaria Trichophyton interdigitale Candida albicaus


Tests and Studies Certified by the Japanese Government

The following tests were performed without utilizing the backwash feature of the Wellness Filter® - backwashing significantly extends the life of the filter and increases performance.

Countertop Wellness Fi lter:

Test data was stamped and approved by the Japanese Tap Water Association (Japanese Government Agency) on August 4, 1994. Tests were performed in the Japanese Government approved lab, GIFU Public Health Institute in GIFU Prefecture. Approval covered filter design, assembly, components, and water quality. Test Number NBL-01. Filter was certified to meet Japanese Government water standards.

Summary of tests and results:

(1). Chlorine Removal: This test was conducted to confirm effective chlorine removal (test started on July 7, 1994, at 2:20 PM and
completed July 28, 1994, at 1:50 PM). After running 114,451 liters (30,238 gallons) of tap water through the Wellness Filter
with an average of 2.0 PPM (parts per million or mg/liter) of chlorine. Readings were taken at 43 separate intervals during the
three-week test. (Note: Wellness Filter® water readings of chlorine level was never above 0.0 PPM (or mg/liter). Results were
obtained without any backwashing).
(2). Stagnant Water Test: This test was performed to ensure water with introduced E. coli could be left in the Wellness Filter for
24 hours and still be removed after filtration (test performed June 27, 1994). Water was left in the filter for a 24-hour period and
then measured for E. coli growth. Readings were 0/ml. A similar test was performed on water filtered through the Wellness
Filter, collected in a lab dish, and infected with E. coli. Tests 24 hours later showed no E. coli growth.
(3). Organic Material Removal plus Effect on Taste and Smell. This test was performed to confirm the Wellness Filter will
remove predetermined concentrations of specific materials from filtered water (tests performed on June 14, 1994). Water was
treated with concentrations of organic material, zinc, and phenol according to Government Standard Tests No. 69 and 264
established December 21, 1991.
Organic Material …………………………. 0.6 mg/l
Zinc ………………………………………. 0.01 mg/l
Phenol ……………………………………. <0.005 mg/l
Turbidity …………………………………. <0.5 degrees
Color ……………………………………... <2.0 degrees
Smell ……………………………………... No detection
Taste ……………………………………… No detection
These tests were carried out on separate days over a week’s span with different volumes. Results were similar.
The Wellness Filter® outperformed established standards in all tests.
(4). Extractables. This test was performed to ensure no toxins were introduced into filtered water from filter components (plastic
casing, hoses, valve, etc.--test performed November 21, 1993). No toxins were present.

Kaneka Wellness Filter/Water Study (Private Industry). By far the most exhaustive study and test evaluation to date was carried out in 1994 by the Kaneka Company. Kaneka is a $4 billion-plus pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturer who evaluated and approved the Wellness Filter and Wellness Filter® water for use in pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturing processes. Due to the highly regulated nature of this industry, Kaneka invested over $3 million evaluating the Wellness Filter prior to approval for their own use. Kaneka fully analyzed the effectiveness of the Wellness Filter as a stand-alone product and in comparison to other filters. They tested backwash effectiveness; filter components and media stability (to insure Wellness Filter components and media do not add any harmful substances to filtered water); viral, fungal, and bacteria growth within the filter; and the water produced by the Wellness Filter for removal of specific substances, viruses, and bacteria. The Wellness Filter was selected over competitive filters for use by Kaneka and subjected to additional extensive testing.

Some of the tests and results follow. Note all tests were performed by a Japanese Government certified lab following strict protocols.

(1). World Health Organization (WHO): The WHO established 46 standard guidelines against which water must be tested. Many of these guidelines are more stringent than those recommended by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) or NSF. Wellness Filter® water was compared to both WHO standards and water from the City of Kobe, Japan’s Municipal supply . Wellness Filter® water was equal to or better than all WHO standards. Best performance areas were removal of chloroform, trihalomethanes, herbicide 1 and 2, pesticides, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, chlorine, non-volatile solids, detergents, 1,1,1 trichloroethane, KMnO4, and improvement in overall color and turbidity. The Wellness Filter demonstrated an improved performance over the established standards by a minimum of 10 percent with most greater than 100 percent. In addition, 13 standards for “pleasantness of potable water (taste, smell, hardness, color, turbidity) were established. Wellness Filter® water met or exceeded all Standards.

(2). Heavy Metal Emissions from Filtration Media: This test was performed on all Wellness Filter media to insure no unwanted heavy metals were added to the filtered water. Purified water without the presence of lead, arsenic, cadmium, or mercury was filtered. Heavy metals were not present. Tests were performed on August 4, 1994.

(3). Pesticide Removal. With concentrations of .010 mg/l and 0.016 mg/l of pesticides, filtered concentration was less than 0.0006 mg/l (WHO standard 0.006 mg/l).

(4). Bacterial (Microbe) Growth in Filter: Most water filters provide an ideal environment for bacteria growth – Wellness Filters® contain bacterial-static media that controls the growth of bacteria within the filter. Water was left in the Wellness Filter for 24and 48-hour periods and showed no bacteria growth. After 96 hours, minimal bacterial growth resulted. Fifteen minutes of backwashing restored water to zero bacteria count. The Wellness Filter does not promote bacterial growth for long periods and backwashing controls bacterial growth.

(5). Open Container Microbe Test: Measures microbe growth in filtered water. Wellness Filter® water was left in an open container and tested regularly for bacteria growth. Growth was nearly undetectable until eighth day. After 10 days, measured at 1E + 0.5 (counts/ml). Competitive filter water measured 1E + 3 to 1E + 4 by the second and third test day!

(6). Trihalomethane Removal: The filter demonstrated 99-100 percent removal over a range of 20,000 gallons if backwashed every five days of use (measurements taken on countertop filter).

(7). Comparisons Made Between US Filters, Hurley and Seagull IV: The other tested filters failed to control microbe growth while water remained in filter and had expensive cartridges to replace. As these filters approached replacement time, flow rates were reduced. (Wellness Filter backwashing kept flow rate relatively constant.) Additional comparative studies were halted when Wellness Filter was chosen as primary filter to be tested due to economics and the Wellness Filter’s ability to control microbe growth.

Japanese Ministry of Defense Potable Water Test: The Japanese Ministry of Defense was concerned with the problem of accessing potable water for their Peace Keeping Forces (PKF) while on duty in foreign countries. They experimented on all types of filters to include reverse osmosis, sand/charcoal only, and boiling to name a few. Many were eliminated due to high cost and complexity. Using the PKF Chiba (Platoon) for test coordination, the Ministry of Defense conducted filtering effectiveness of a Diatomaceous Earth Filter and a Wellness Filter. Water was taken from a river and mineral spring for comparison. The test was completed on May 23, 1997.

Results were as follows:

River Water Test Spring Water Test Standards
World Health
Diatoma - Diatoma Org.
Test River Water ceous Filter Wellness Spring ceous Wellness Standards
Criteria Filter Water Filter Filter
Suspended Solids (mg/l) 18 4 1 6 2 2 2
Color 8 6 6 8 6 5 5
Odor N/O N/O N/O N/O N/O N/O N/O
Organic Material (mg/l) 27.2 17.7 3.2 6.6 5.7 1.8 10
Bacteria Count 100 46 N/D 340 147 10 100
24 hours N/T N/T 12 N/T N/T 1 N/T
48 hours N/T N/T N/D N/T N/T 1 N/T
E. coli count Present Present None None None None None
24 hours N/T N/T None N/T N/T None None
48 hours N/T N/T None N/T N/T None None

KEY: N/T = Not Tested N/D = None Detected N/O = No Odor

Bacteria and E. coli growth were only tested in the Wellness Filter as prior tests showed unacceptable growth in river water, Diatomaceous Earth Filter water, and spring water. The test confirms the Wellness Filter’s ability to filter out bacteria and E. coli along with providing an environment that will not encourage growth.

The Ministry of Defense chose the Wellness Filter for use by the PKF to produce potable (drinkable) water.

Bakuhanseki Mineral Stone (an essential part of Wellness Filter media): On October 15, 1995, the Japanese Government Ministry of Health, Drug Approval Division, gave their first approval ever of a natural mineral stone for designation as an approved medicine. Bakuhanseki mineral stone is approved for medical purposes in powdered form (oral or skin application), dissolved in water, and for use in water fi lters for bathing and drinking.

This is extremely important to the Wellness Filter since the Ministry of Health uses Wellness Filter® water in many of their approved health bathing spas. Because the Bakuhanseki mineral stone is designated as a medicine, these treatments are covered by Japanese Government medical reimbursement. Approval No. 1155.

(1). Bakuhanseki Mineral Stone Evaluation. Prior to any tests on humans, an exhaustive evaluation was carried out on the

chemical/physical makeup of the mineral stone. All were approved at certified levels. However, only Bakuhanseki stone from certified mines/quarries were approved. All Wellness Filter Bakuhanseki mineral stone media comes from one of these certified mines/quarries. We are the only water filter company in the world with access to this approved form of Bakuhanseki mineral stone.

(2). Human Tests: Three hundred (300) people were treated over a long period at Kitazato Medical School of Public Health, Tokyo,

to determine the health benefits of treatment with water either filtered through Bakuhanseki mineral stone or with Bakuhanseki

powder added (no difference in results from either water treatment method).

Repeated spa treatments of test subjects resulted in the following reported benefits:

  • Fatigue, lethargy —more energetic.
  • Wide range of skin rashes—most are completely cleared up after treatment.
  • Sore muscles—reduction or elimination of aches and pains.
  • Sensitive nerves—reduced sensitivity.
  • Backache—reduced pain and improved flexibility.
  • Arthritis—reduced pain and improved flexibility.
  • Dry and red skin—softer skin and return of natural color.
  • Frost bite (minor)—return of skin viability.

Taichoseki Mineral Stone: On December 15, 1990, the Kitazato Medical School of Public Health, Tokyo, approved Taichoseki mineral stone as a “natural disinfectant” that greatly inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria. Water run through Taichoseki mineral stone creates an atmosphere that slows down and even stops the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Fungus and Bacteria Tests. A variety of fungi and bacteria were introduced to water containing Taichoseki mineral stone. Test Nos. B8-523 and B8-521, November 1, 1990, conducted by Kitazato Medical School of Public Health, Tokyo.

The following were introduced to controlled samples of Taichoseki mineral stone water and displayed no growth or minimal growth well within acceptable standards:

  • Staphylococcus aureus FDA 209P
  • Sarcina lutea ATCC 9341
  • Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633
  • Escherichia coli B ATCC 11303
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Penicillium chrysogenum
  • Penicillium citrinum
  • Chaetomium globosum
  • Microsporum gypeum
  • Myrothecium verrucaria
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Trichophyton interdigitale
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Candida albicaus


The Japanese Ministry of Health, much like the US Food and Drug Administration, cannot give endorsements to specific products. They can give approvals for specific products and their applications. Although not considered a formal endorsement, the Ministry gives tacit approval when they use medical products they have already certified in their own facilities. Such is the case with the Wellness Filter.

Tests Performed for the Japanese Ministry of Health to Confirm Effectiveness of Spa Skin Treatments. Due to patient privacy considerations and Government regulations, we cannot release documented records of treatments. We do, however, have very dramatic color pictorial evidence of these studies/treatments with the subjects identity masked. Tests were carried out by the University of Okayama Medical School by five specialist physicians at medicinal spas during 1997 using Wellness Filter water. Pictures are on file and available for the following studies (treatments involved daily bathing in heated Wellness Filter water). Pictures taken at Kosei-Sho (Ministry of Health) Kyuka (rest) Center in Okinawa – the largest Ministry of Health-sponsored spa.

Summary of commonly occurring results:

(1). Infant with Severe Total Facial Skin Condition. Treatment started June 16, 1997. By September 12, 1997, after daily spa
treatments in Wellness Filter® water, the infant’s face was clear of all skin conditions.
(2). Adolescent Male with Total Body Fungal Infection. Treatment started June 16, 1997, and finished October 24, 1997. Fungus
was completely gone with some skin discoloration remaining due to severity of infection.
(3). Four-Year-Old Child with Fungal Rashes at Arm and Leg Joints and Neck Area. Treatment began on July 10, 1997, and finished
on September 22, 1997. Minimum skin redness remains; fungus growth arrested.
(4). Adolescent Male with Fungus on Hands, Back of Legs, and Face. Treatment started June 16, 1997, and finished November 12,
1997. Fungus completely gone from hands and face and growth arrested behind knee joint.
(5). Additional Studies. More pictorial studies available for babies with skin rashes, “ring” fungus, and isolated fungus on hands,

feet, and arms.

Reductive Ion/Negative Redox/Wave Motion (Far-Infrared Ray) Tests. (Numerous studies have been documented to show the positive, extensive health benefits of reductive ions/negative redox potential.)

(1). Japanese Water Science Research Lab Test. Tests were conducted by the Japanese Water Science Research Lab on December 9, 1998. Test No. 99F-230. Results were certified by the Japanese Government. Ion Tester KST-900 was utilized. Results showed a reductive ion measurement of 4,199/cc in Wellness Filter water mist spray. Tap water (Municipal) usually has a reading of around zero and spring water reads from 200-400/cc. Wellness Filter water was determined to have a very high and desirable reductive ion rating.

To confirm test accuracy, Wellness Filter’s were tested with progressively less ceramic stones in the filter media. Readings dropped to 3,585 (Test No. 99F-232) and to 2,609 (Test No. 99F-231). The evaluation demonstrated that the special ceramic stones used in Wellness Filter’s have a dramatic effect on the increase of reductive ions in filtered water. The healing properties (cancer and degenerative diseases) of media that emit far-infrared rays are gaining more and more recognition.Wellness Filter’s have an added plus in this category as Taichoseki mineral stones are also known as far-infrared emitting media.

(2). Wave Motion (Reductive Negative Ion) Tests Conducted by Dr. Tadahiro Hotta (Private Physician). Dr. Hotta operates the Hotta Clinic in Kyoto, Japan. He is a noted cancer specialist and strongly believes in the healing powers of reductive negative ions. Dr. Hotta used an independent certified lab to perform a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA) wave motion test on the Wellness Filter, a leading US filter, and a Japanese filter. Dr. Hotta wanted to be confident in which water filter he should recommend to his patients. The special MRA test apparatus and ratings were developed by Dr. Omura while serving as a Professor at the University of Chicago in the Department of Physics. Dr. Omura’s MRA apparatus and rating are recognized and utilized by physicians and professionals throughout Japan.

Dr. Hotta (a former student of Dr. Omura) assisted Dr. Omura in developing unique test criteria for wave motion ratings on five related medical categories. The highest rating possible is 21 with the lowest desired rating approximately 15.

Test results were as follows (highest allowable rating is 21):

Medical Cate gory Wellness Filter Leading US Filter Japanese Filter
Immune system (improved resistance) 21 14 15
Kidney (better function) 19 13 16
Stress (lessen effect) 21 11 14
Metabolism (increased function) 19 12 16
Skin (healthier, softer, and removed rashes) 21 11 13

Dr. Hotta now recommends only the Wellness Filter to his patients.


The Japanese Ministry of Health, much like the US Food and Drug Administration, cannot give endorsements to specific products. They can give approvals for specific products and their applications. Although not considered a formal endorsement, the Ministry gives tacit approval when they use medical products they have already certified in their own facilities. Such is the case with the Wellness Filter®/Wellness Filter® water. Currently over 100 hospitals and thousands of Japanese physicians use the Wellness Filter® in their practices.

Prominent Hospitals, Health Spas and Physicians who recommend the Wellness Filter®

(1). Dr. Tadahiro Hotta, MD; Hotta Clinic; 28 Hukenotsubo-cho Hukakusa Hushimi-ku; Kyoto-shi; Japan; Phone

No. 81-75-645-1730 – Dr. Hotta is one of Japan’s most famous physicians specializing in cancer and general

health treatment. He treats thousands of patients each year at his clinic in Kyoto.

Through Dr. Hotta’s many years of research and treatment of cancer patients, he determined that environmental conditions have as much impact on the cause of cancer as heredity. In his opinion, combining negative environmental conditions with individuals who have a high family incidence of cancer dramatically increases the potential for developing cancer.

Dr. Hotta chose to concentrate on the one controllable environmental condition that can cause the most harm … water.

Dr. Hotta’s tests have shown that certain ingredients in water can increase the incidence of cancer. They are lead, mercury, aluminum, dioxins, chlorine, and two chemicals with a phenol base he calls “environmental hormones.” In addition, Dr. Hotta has tested the value of products with high reductive ion (negative ion/negative redox) properties and found them to be essential for cancer treatment and prevention.

Dr. Hotta contracted for tests to be conducted on a number of water filters available in Japan (some built in the US). He tested for the removal of his targeted cancer-producing elements and used wave motion studies to determine the presence and effectiveness of reductive ions (negative redox).

He found the Wellness Filter to be the only one that removes the carcinogenic materials he targets and simultaneously provides water with extremely high reductive ion (negative redox) properties. Dr. Hotta attributes his findings to the effectiveness of Wellness Filter®’s unique media. He is especially pleased with the far-infrared ray emitting properties of the Wellness Filter®’s Bakuhanseki mineral stones and ceramic stones.

In a speech to the Nippon Electric Company (NEC) officials on September 10, 2000 (transcribed by Mr. Yuasa of NEC), Dr. Hot ta said, “The Wellness Filter® (Naturalizer in Japan) is the best water filter I’ve ever seen. The wave energy (negative ions) is also the highest I’ve ever seen.”

He went on to say that he asks every patient what kind of water they drink. For those with filters at home, he asks them to bring them in for testing. Although he has tested most filters currently available and can show patients past data, every once in a while he’ll find a new one to test. “None come close to the Wellness Filter®.” He also said reverse osmosis units may produce clean water, but it is “dead water” and not healthy.

Dr. Hotta has also performed many successful studies with Wellness Filter® water for treatment of colon cancer, skin cancer, and skin rashes. He intends to release this data soon.

(2). Hippocrates Health Institute; West Palm Beach, Florida – "Since the full application of the Wellness Water

Filter system has been attained by our patients here at Hippocrates Health Institute, there have been

significant scientific signals that the antioxidant effect is greater than any other we have yet observed. The

majority of this knowledge comes through the dark field blood profiles, which clearly indicate that the user's

cells increase their electron frequency causing electromagnetic shield effects. This deters free radical damage

causative of immune weakening and dysfunction. Further, we have noted an increase in red blood cell counts

and a slight increase in hemoglobin levels through the medical blood profile.

Approximately 40% of the patients describe a heightened level of energy after three to five days through the exclusive ingestion of Wellness water and the raw juices applied in our program. Our observation and research will continue and in the future we hope to utilize Wellness filtration in our therapeutic pools allowing us to observe outer membrane (skin) effectiveness of the water."

Brian Clement, Executive Director Hippocrates Health Institute West Palm Beach, Florida (The number one rated medical spa in the world… SPA Magazine)

(3). Dr. Leonard Smith; Gainesville, Florida – Dr. Smith is a Board Certified Surgeon who recommends the Wellness Filter® to his patients for general health and to reduce oxidative stress to the vital organs – particularly the liver.

(4). Dr. Higashimaya; Higashimaya Hospital; Tokyo, Japan – Dr. Higashimaya is a prominent cancer treatment specialist with a concentration in intestinal cancer. He has performed extensive tests on white blood cells after patients drink Wellness Filter® water. Dr. Higashimaya has found that drinking Wellness Filter® water increases white cell count and “activates” them into becoming more aggressive at fighting disease. Dr. Higashimaya has developed a unique private method of testing the energy that surrounds white blood cells.

Dr. Higashimaya has produced a video about this unique phenomenon. He recommends all patients consume Wellness Filter® water.

(5). General Use by Physicians and Hospitals

Dr. Senoo Keaki, MD; Senoo Circulatory Organ, Cardiac, and Vessel Surgery; 7-8-38 Nishihara Asaminami-ku; Hiroshima-shi; Japan– Wellness Filter® water is used to treat rashes from medication administered in the hospital, assist in healing scars, drinking water (promotes rehydration and a desire to eat food), food preparation, and bathing.
Dr. Takashi Tobioka, MD; Tobioka Internal Medicine Clinic; 2-8-30 Nakasange; Okayama-shi; Japan; Phone -- General use of Wellness Filter® water in patient treatments.
Dr. Toshikazu Okamoto, MD; Private Clinic/Office; 42 Kenai Kouzuki-cho Sayou-gun; Hyougo; Japan; -- General use of Wellness Filter® water in patient treatments.
Mr. Tatsuo Kawada, CEO; Hunabashi Central Hospital (Ministry of Health Hospital); 6-13-10 Kaijin; Hunabashi-shi; Japan;– General patient use.
Okinaw a Health Center; Kosei-sho [Ministry of Health Kyuka (rest) Center – This is the largest Ministry of Health sponsored spa treatment center in Japan. They use baths and Jacuzzis to treat nearly 1,500 patients per day—mostly geriatrics. Extensive use of Wellness Filter® water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Primary treatment for skin rashes, back and shoulder aches, intestinal problems, and joint and knee arthritis.

This Health Center conducted the successful 1997 skin rash studies that helped convince the Ministry of Health to expand their therapeutic spas with Wellness Filter® water throughout Japan.

Since the Bakuhanseki mineral stone (part of Wellness Filter® water media) is designated a medicine by the Japanese Ministry of Health and has been proven an effective treatment for the above ailments, therapy in Wellness Filter® water are covered by Government Health Insurance.

Funabashi Byion (Hospital); Kosei-sho (Ministry of Health); Funaba-shi; Japan – A 1,500-bed hospital for all ages. They discovered that increased hydration from drinking Wellness Filter® water helps patients to feel better faster. Since they also prepare food and beverages with Wellness Filter® water, they have found that the improved taste has resulted in patients eating more food. Used for intestinal and skin rash treatment.
Takanawa Byion (Hospital); Kosei-sho (Ministry of Health); Takanawa; Japan – Similar uses to Funabashi Byion
Matsuo Byion (Hospital); Private Hospital in MIE Prefecture – Women’s health and maternity hospital. General treatment primarily promotes pregnant women to drink Wellness Filter® water and treat rashes.
Chiropractors – Recently recognized benefits of drinking Wellness Filter® water. Find patients to be looser and easier to treat if they drink Wellness Filter® water before treatment.