About Me

Hello, I am Emilio Mercuriali

At the peak of his youth, age 17, he came across a book by Osho and his spiritual journey began. After yearly visits to the commune in the US he moved to India at age 22 to spend 10 years in the Osho commune in Poona. In this environment he experienced many life changing processes, studied and practiced intensely. 

The most impactful aspect from those years was the transmission he received from being in the presence of his living master.After Osho’s death he was a facilitator and staff member in the Path of Love process for six years.

Then he moved to Australia where he received the teaching of Barry Long teaching about ‘Tantra, Love and Relationships in Our Spiritual Life’. The teachings of Maurice Nicoll, Gurdjieff and the forth way came also into his life around this time.

And soon after he met Faisal Muqaddam, spiritual teacher and the founder of the Diamond Logos Teachings. 

After almost 20 years spent as a student and friend of Faisal, today Emilio is one of the senior teachers of this school. The intense exposure to the field over the years has added invaluable precision to his understanding of how ego psychology and spiritual systems can be integrated.

Since 2010 Emilio is based in İstanbul, Turkey where he founded the Diamong Logos Turkey. He teaches mainly in Italy and Turkey, continues to insatiably travel around the world.

His love and passion for teaching stems from a desire to integrate his understanding of the so called ‘spiritual’ experiences or Essential Qualities into daily life. 


In his words… “I love teaching. It was important for me to organize and present what I have learned from all my teachers. Teaching is a way for me to bring something which seems to be fleeting into daily life, to make it more embodied. Teaching is my practice. I like being with people in the context where they are open and sincere and motivated to find the truth about themselves. It is a priviledge to be the messenger about the possibility of being free within life. Bringing this teaching to my students is important because i know that its powerful and that it can liberate them. It’s a gift to humanity. The more people know about this the more changes there can be.”

Emilio’s knowledge of ancient spiritual tradition and modern psychology comes together in his fine and complex understanding of Essential Living. 

His sessions and workhops are based on this clear view of life and how to support individuals in their quest for personal freedom.

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